Mundekulla is a place for stillness, creativity and
encounters, with beautiful surroundings by Emmaboda, Sweden. The facility is constructed and run environmentally friendly.
"Thanks for a wonderful festival" 
Marie , England

Woman Festival, June 28-30, 2013

Walk in beauty
Do you wish to fully live from out of your deepest longing? Within each woman is held such depth just waiting to bloom forth. Listen to your inner woman. Who is she? What gifts does she bear. How does she wish to live ?

Welcome to the 6th Woman festival in Mundekulla that attracts around 60 people. The festival offers meditation, song and dance workshop, gatehrings, lectures, meetings, deep connection, inspiration!

Food is inculded in the prices above and is being served with no additional cost

-Tentplace, sleepinghall, single or doulberoom

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How to get here

Mundekulla is situated 10 km south east of Emmaboda between Vxj, Kalmar and Karlskrona in Southeastern Sweden. It's easy to get here by train, car or flight. Read more

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