Mundekulla is a place for stillness, creativity and encounters, with beautiful surroundings by Emmaboda, in southeastern Sweden. The whole facility is constructed and run environmentally friendly.
" Thank´s for taking so good care of me, I will definitely be back!"
Andre, South Africa

2. International Sustainability Conference, July 17-18, 2010 
Welcome to participate at the Conference (17-18th of july) or the whole camp (12-18 of july)

"Nature and Humanity"
”Think seven generations ahead before every important decision” –Native American saying
Today many people agree that humans have plundered nature for short-term gain. Scientists, politicians and the general public are all starting to question our way of life. How did it come to this and what can we do about it? These questions are crucial and concern us all. The change starts with each of us and together we can make a difference if we take the issues seriously…
So welcome to Mundekulla’s second international conference on Sustainable Lifestyle!

Inspiring lectures, meetings and discussions!
Welcome to an experience based event where you get inspiration and a chance to take a step toward your vision of how you want to live and act in the world. During the weekend lecturers from different parts of the world present their perspectives on mankind’s relationship with nature. The weekend closes with an Open space forum where all participants are invited to share their thoughts.

Lecturers and topics
Introduction Nature and Humanity
The philosopher Kalle Grill starts the day with some reflections on nature and humanity.

The original instructions - Native American elder Medicine Story (USA) and Ellika Linden
Have humans lost their original relationship to nature? Is there a way back? Listen to a fascinating lecture based on the original wisdom of the Native Americans.

Transition Towns - Stephen Hinton (England)
A unique initiative to meet the challenges presented by peak oil and climate change. It starts with you and me and the local initiatives!

Eco-philosophy - Tanja Rebel (Holland)
From mechanical to ecocentric worldview! What do ancient and contemporary philosophers (NN) about our relationships to nature?

Permaculture and the Cuban way - Ezio Gori (South Africa)
A fascinating lecture on sustainable development in South Africa and Cuba! Be inspired by the foundations of permaculture – an approach that encompasses everything from farming to city planning.

Auroville – A sustainable example - Eveline
Auroville is a unique eco-village in India where people from all over the world live together and have created a common vision and a sustainable example.

The woman and Mother Earth - Anne Solveig
A historical survey of peaceful societies where women and nature were revered.

The healing power of nature - Peter Elmberg
After 3 years in a cabin in the woods Peter found new energy and laid the ground for Mundekulla

The structure of the weekend
After each lectures groups are formed where each person can express her own thoughts and approach. The weekend ends with an Open space with the opportunity to hold a short speech. On offer Saturday evening is a film screening, a slideshow, dancing, movement and the musical performance Woman and Mother Earth.

For the ninth year a summer camp is offered at Mundekulla (Circle Way Camp), which has inspired a great number of people to take steps in a new direction concerning their life situation. Over many years the main teachers, the Native American Medicine Story and Ellika Linden, have offered camps in Europe and the United States. July 17th Medicine Story turns 81 and so he will be the first lecturer that day. Read more about Circle Way Camp

Saturday 9.30AM, July 17th – Sunday 5PM, July 18th (optional arrival Friday evening).

Camp in your own tent (free) or camper, or stay in dormitory, single or double room.

All food is included in the price – lunch and dinner Saturday plus breakfast, lunch and coffee Sunday.

Price incl. food
SEK1600 (in your own tent)
Reduced prices for children and youth. Dormitory and rooms available for rent (see below) 

We also offer the possibility to arrive a day early or stay an extra night
SEK 100/night in your own tent (Included in the price during the conference)
SEK 150/night on mattress in dormitory
SEK 250/night  in double room with shared shower and bathroom
SEK 350/night  in double room with private shower and bathroom
SEK 500/night  in single room with private shower and bathroom

Carpool to and from Mundekulla by registering in our carpool system. Read more.

Registration fee
For more information please mail or call us 0046 (0)471-50450
Pay 600 SEK/person as a registration fee at our internationalbankaccount below:
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