Mundekulla is a place for stillness, creativity and
encounters, with beautiful surroundings by Emmaboda, Southeastern Sweden. The whole facility is constructed
and run environmentally friendly.
" Thanks for taking so good care of me, I will definitely be back!"
Andre , South Africa

Musicfestival, August 15-18, 2013 

Welcome to the 15 th International Musicfestival in Mundekulla

Voted the most Environmental friendly festival in Sweden!
-See short film from last years festival See film
-See short videoclip from the Festival of 2012 "Uprising"  See film
-See slideshow from 2009 festival "The world is in need of Peace" See film
-See slideshow from 10 yearcelebration (2008) "One People!"   See film

International Gathering!
Mundekulla Musicfestival attracts approximately 300 people and is being held for the 15 th year in a row. It contains many exciting events with almost 30 splendid artists and workshopleaders.
The festival offers heartdance, singing, dancing, music, open stage, creativity, ceremonies, Yoga, Meditation, stillness, sharing, chanting, djembe, didjeridu. The musicians express not only motivation and inspiration for sharing their unique gifts and musical talent, but also true and deep aspiration for singing about Oneness and Love and how we can open up more to our true selves. Great concerts are being offered every evining and workshops during daytime including activities fro Children and Youth. All activities are held indoors in beautiful Barnhouses in a Paradise like surrounding!

Artists and Workshopleaders
-Dan Reed (USA) - Extraordinary concert with great lyrics and excellent performance! See video
-Susanne Häll - An amazing Swedish artist with a lote of soul!  See video
-Jenifer Ferguson (SA) A powerful and talented singer from South Africa! Listen here
-Sudha (Dk) - International singer who touches the soul Listen here
-Meja - A worldartist with a great career enters the stage of Mundekulla Se video

-Diane Paterson (USA) - ”The American Folk Godess” returns See video
-African Vibration - a great musicproject inspired by Senegal /Gambia (Westafrica) See video
-Anne Solveig – The Queen of Mundekulla shares her own songs…for the Mother! See video
-Thomas Wiehe
-talanted Guitarist offers a mediative musical journey and Taizesongs See video
-Peter Elmberg
-Mundekulla Peace Dances, Menscircle, Peaceconcert etc ? See video
Rickard Åström - Great piano player from the Opera of Gothenbourg!
-Lars-Magnus Österberg
- Piano Concert, Mundekulla Peace Dances
-Jan Eric Ström
- Plays with Erik Grind, Peter Elmberg, Pececoncert  Se video

-Alva Skarp - Great Swedish singer with a touch of folkmusic Läs mer


-Kay Pollak - Publicspeaker and writer of the Oscar nominated movie "As in heaven" Read more
-Malin Berghagen -Yoga and lecutre with great inspiration
Read more
-Peter Wahlbeck - Standup comedy as its best with a touch of spirit!

-Anders Nybergoffer choir amazing workshops based on ACIM See video
-Papis Bodian & Fara Sadio (Senegal) offers African drumming and dancing workshops
-Anne Solveig – Offers meditation, power of vision workshop, women work and a concert!
-Talasi Örting (Dk) - Heartdance, Ceremonies and women workshops Read more
-Eva Lotta Runfors - Morning yoga, meditation
-Agneta Henning- offers Circledancing in The Mundekulla Labyrinth
-Anne Marie och Erik Grund. Workshop in Mandalapainting and music

-AnnLouise Fransson - Herbal walk in the Valley of Pece in Mundekulla

-Children Activities-
  During all workshops daytime we offer activities for Children and Youth
-Anders Grossman -Didjeridu and theatre workshops for children & grown ups
-Tina Shilling - yoga for children
-Gerret Schwere offers circus and acrobatic workshops for children, youth .. and grown ups.
-Sofi Aronsson -Papier Mache and creative workshop

-Official Information-

Entrance fee
(8 SEK approx. 1 Euro)
3 day Festival ticket (prebooking)
Thursday Aug 15th from 4 pm to Sunday Aug 18 at 4 pm
1900 SEK (1950 SEK in Mundekulla),
Youth, 15-25 yrs old: 900 SEK (950 SEK in Mundekulla) 
Child, 4-14 yrs old: 500 SEK (550 in Mundekulla)
2 day Festival ticket
Friday Aug 16 from 6 pm to Sunday Aug 19 at 4 pm
Adult: 1400 SEK (1450 SEK in Mundekulla)
Youth 15-25 yrs old: 850 SEK. (900 SEK in Mundekulla) 
Child, 4-14 yrs old: 400 SEK (450 SEK in Mundekulla)

Friday 09.30 am - 23.30 pm
Adult  700 SEK (750 SEK in Mundekulla), 

Youth, 15-25 yrs old 500 SEK (550 SEK in Mundekulla)

Child, 4-14 yrs old: 200 SEK (250 SEK in Mundekulla)

Thursday night 6 pm to Midnight  
Adult and Youth, from yrs old: 225 SEK/night (250 SEK in Mundekulla).
4-14 yrs old:
100 SEK/night (125 SEK in Mundekulla)

Reserve a ticket:
Book your ticket here ONLINE BOOKING by mailing

Food is being sold in Mundekullas restaurant and cafe.

Food ticktes for the whole festival can be prebooked
There is also a possibility to make your own food in the tent area.

Accomodation in Mundekulla
-Tentplace (included in the festivalprice, possibiity to rent a tent for 200 sek, pre book to be sure)
-Sleepinghall and rooms (only a few available) can be booked the ONLINE BOOKING

Accomodation outside Mundekulla

-When the rooms are full in Mundekulla we suggest that you book a room at Moshults Youth hostel (10 km from Mundekulla) where we will take you take you back and from Mundekulla everyday for a cost of 100 for the whole festival. (unless you have your own car) ONLINE BOOKING

-Book your bed by calling Moshult Youthhostel at 0471-450 12,  ( 

Youth hostels and hotels

Hotel in Emmaboda:

-Amigo (10 km) 0471-125 50
Youthhostels around Mundekulla:

-Långasjö (5 km) 0471-50410, (fully booked)

-Moshult (8 km) 0471-450 12,

-Ljuder 0478-20400 (10 km).

-Ödevata Fiskecamp (17 km) 0471-50430
-The Dutchdreamcatcher (17 km) 0471-46911
-Bussamåla Vandrarhem(18 km) 0471-20024
-Korrö Vandrarhem (22 km) 0477-34249

How to get here

-Mundekulla is located 10 km south of Emmaboda between Växjö, Kalmar and Karlskrona in Southeastern Sweden.

-It's easy to get here by train, car or flight. 3 hours with directtrain from Copenhagen, 3,5 hours from Gothenbourg and 4 hours from Stockholm.

-From Emmaboda trainstation you can book a discounted Taxi for 150 SEK 0046+(0)471-10100

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Feedback from earlier festivals
Hey Peter and Anne
I wanna thank you 2 for the great weekend, I never thought that it would be so fun peaceful, lovable and inspiring. A lot of thanks keep up the good work !"
A lot of Love from Holland

Dear Peter and Anne
We made the Europe trip mostly because of the Mundekulla event. My son, Wen (12,5 years old) really wanted to participate fully and we both had a great time. What I learned last year has been very important for me and that´s why we made the effort again. And it´s wonderful that Wen also enjoyed it so much he already said that he wants to come again next year. I understand and really appreciate what you have brought to the world.
Love and gratitude from Litsong and Wen, from Taiwan

Dear Peter and Anne
I just want to say once again...thank you for all the wonderful work that you are doing. It was very inspiring to experience - the beautiful nature, your houses, the music, the fellowship, the focus on Spirit and Det Goda. I love your sing-along songs Peter! You have my full support! Thank you for making me feel so very welcome. I know that I will carry the Spirit of Mundekulla with me for a long time. Love and blessings /
Tim, Denmark