Mundekulla - A place for stillness, creativity and encounters, with beautiful surroundings by Emmaboda, Sweden. The facility is constructed and run environmentally friendly.
" Thanks for taking so good care of me, I will definitely be back!"
Andre , South Africa

Welcome to Mundekulla Retreatcenter

A valley of Peace
Mundekulla Retreatcenter is internationally renowned and located 10 kilometres outside Emmaboda in southern Sweden. It is the perfect place for courses and retreats, conferences, and festivals in a calm and secluded environment. Many people who visit us claim that it's like a small paradise and a valley of peace where no manmade sound can be heard.
Welcome to visit and explore Mundekulla with its beautiful surroundings by participating in any of  our yearly events!

Ecological foundation
The entire facility is built on ecological principles, warmth and care, uniting past and future. We care as much for the natural environment as for peoples inner well-being. The main building is a carefully restored house from the 1820s. The property includes 60 hectares (150 acres) of meadows in a varied and beautiful cultured landscape, with open fields, natural ponds and foot paths surrounded by old cultured forests. The facilities include four beautiful meeting halls, the largest one 200 square meters, a unique wood-heated sauna, an small shop, a spa and 20 accomodation rooms with more than 30 beds, located in four different buildings.

During the summers we invite people to bigger events (30-300 people ) such as concerts, creativity and Summercamps and an annual drugfree Musicfestival in the middle of august. Our summer season last from mid june until mid august when wwe also rent out a retreatcottage.
During the rest of the year we offer courses and retreats. We are also a popular place for
conferences of different kinds.

At least 80% of all food served in Mundekulla is organic. We offer climate smart, nourishing, locally grown, healthy and vegeterian food.

We have designed beautiful, charming and eco-friendly rooms with soft beds. Some rooms have private shower and bathroom, some share communal showers and bathrooms. All rooms are insulated with ecological material such as wool, sawpowder, linen, hemp, recycled newspapers.

Watch slideshows from Mundekulla
-Watch beautiful pictures while listening to "Our hands are made for Loving"See film (3 min)
-Watch pictures from the 10th Musicfestival while listening to "One People"See film (4 min)