Mundekulla - A place for stillness, creativity and encounters, with beautiful surroundings by Emmaboda, Southeastern Sweden. The facility is constructed and run environmentally friendly.
" Thanks for taking so good care of me, I will definitely be back!"
Andre , South Africa

Calendar 2013

-General info-

-For questions mail us on or call us at 0046-(0)471-504 50
-Our courses and retreats attracts 10-50 people and our festivals 50-300 people.
-Bring towel and sheet if you stay in our rooms (also available for a fee of 100 SEK/course)
-Mundekulla offer a drugfree environment and vegetarian food is being served
-Some courses are held in English, others in Swedish. This is mentioned after the course below
-It's easy to get to Mundekulla (3-4 hours from Copenhagen, Malmö, Gothenbourg). Read more


Mundekulla Arrangements
For the courses that are arranged by the Mundekulla Team registration is to be done straight to us (See under each event) The whole amount for the course is to be payed into our bank account below. The deposit is 600 SEK. (500 for Music Festival) which is only refunded if you get sick or in the case of a cancelled event which happens very rarely.

Other Arrangements
Some events in Mundekulla are offerd by other organizations/people. In those cases registration is to be done straight them. For more info see information under each course.

International bank account number
-IBAN SE 7980000 800694930175577 BIC/SWIFT = SWEDSESS, Sparbanken Eken, Långasjö

-Calendar 2013-


Feb 2-3, Course in wholeness
Nina Granbom

Feb 15-17, Man in Mission - Fullybooked
Peter Elmberg, Mats Billmark, Kalle Grill

Feb 24, Peace Concert - 12 prayers
Peter Elmberg Ensemble


Feb 25 - March 10, Womenretreat (2 weeks) - Fullybooked
Anne Solveig Elmberg and friends

March 15-17 , Relationship course
Frans Kocken och Åsa Nyström


April 4-7, Relationsship course  - Fullybooked
Robert Nilsson och Carin Olavisdotter.

April 12-14, Yogaretreat (English)
Elena (Dk)
April 26-28, Claybuilding course
Arr. Lerhusbyggeföreningen

April 27, Circledance in the Mundekulla Labyrinth 
Agneta Henning


May 3-5, Relationsship course  - Fullybooked
Robert och Carin

May 19, Open House
Cafe, exhibition, shop, lectures, music

May 31 - June, Yoga retreat (English)
Sky (Canada) and Klas 


June 2-8, Green Smoothies retreat (English)
The Boutenko family 
June 10-16, Raw Food Festival (English)
International teachers

June 28 - 30 , WOMENFESTIVAL
A great festival for Women for the 6 th year


July 4-7,  Four Rythm Dance
Anne Grundel

July 8-12, Circleway Camp (English)
Native American Elder Medicine Story och Ellika Linden

July 13-19, Unique Tantra (English)
Matt Sinbad och Leanne Edwards, Kontakt:

July 24-27, YOGA CELEBRATION (English)
A Yoga Festival with international teachers

July 29 july- Aug 2 , Songwalk (English)
Anders Nyberg & Peter Elmberg (singing- walking-concerts)


Aug 2-4, Mindfulnes Retreat
Maria Lyckow och Torbjörn Josefsson

Aug 5-11, Summer of Love (English)
Madhukar (De)

Aug 15-18, MUSICFESTIVAL - 15 th anniversary (English)
Welcome to a beautiful festival on the fields of Mundekulla

Aug 23-24, Theatre event (Private booking)
Theatre Forum Southeast


Sept 14-16, Sustaianble Strategic Studies (Private event)
Blekinge Tekniska Högskola


Oct 3-6, Relationship course - Fullybooked
Robert och Carin

Oct 24-29, Mindfulnes Retreat
Katarina Lundblad, Camilla Sköld


Nov 15-17, Weekendretreat with songs from Taize
Ulla Sköldh Jonsson, Annette Geyer, Thomas & Karin Wiehe

Nov 20-22 , Awareness and Mindful living (English)
Lama Pema Dorjee (Tibet)

Nov 29 - Dec 1, Yoga Retreat (Extern arrangör)
Eva Lotta Runfors

Nov 29 - Dec 1, Mandala Painting (English)
Erik och Ann Marie Grind

Dec 29 - Jan 1 2014, New Years Retreat
Anne och Peter Elmberg

Calendar 2014

Jan 2014

Jan 4-5, Private booking
Nina Granbom

Feb 2014

Feb 7-12, Mindfulness Retreat
Maria Lyckow,Torbjörn Josefsson (More info,

Feb 14-16, Man in Mission (Mensweekend)
Peter Elmberg m.fl

Feb 17-24, Psykosyntesacademy

Nanne Hessel 

Feb/march 2014

Feb 24 -17 March 17,  22 days - Godessretreat
Anne Solveig m. fl

May 2014

May 16-18, Yoga retreat (English)
Sky (Canada) och Klas

May 23-25, Yogahelg
Anna Brus

May 30-June 1, Relationshipwekkend
Susanne och Tapio

June 2014

June 8-14, Joy for Life - Green Smooties Retreat (English)
Victoria Boutenko m.fl

June 16-22, RAW FOOD FESTIVAL (English)
Janne Larsen m.fl.

July 2014

June 30-July 1, Acro Yoga Festival (English)
Nina& Boris m.fl (Mer info inom kort)

July 3-6, Summercours in 4 Rythm dance
Anne Grundel

July 7-12, Circleway Camp (English)
Native American Elder Medicine Story och Ellika Linden

July 24-27 Yoga Celebration (English)
Tina Shilling, Sky ...

Aug 2014

Aug 14-17, MUSIKFESTIVALEN - 16:e året (English)
Dan Reed, Peter Elmberg, m.fl