Mundekulla - A place for stillness, creativity and encounters, with beautiful surroundings by Långasjö, Småland. The facility is constructed and run environmentally friendly.
" Thank you so much for taking so good care of me,I'll be back!"
Andre De Lang, South Africa
International Summercamp

Circle Way Camp, July 11-16 2011 

Medicine Story and Ellika, Anne, Peter, Kalle, Mona, 

See slideshow from last years camp (you tube) incl our song "Return to Creation"

Let yourself be inspired by Native American worldview and way of life!
For the 10 th year we offer an adventure and a growing experience for all ages at beautiful Mundekulla. Learn tools for active listening to others, getting closer to your feelings and becoming more conscious of your goals and dreams. During the five days of camp we create a ”tribe” in the spirit of the circle, living in greater harmony with nature and each other. There will be traditional story-telling and optional workshops in yoga, dancing, meditation, vision finding, singing and philosophical dialogue. Read more about the campactivities

Manitonquat (Medicine Story) and Ellika have led workshops and camps all over the
world for many years, inspired by Native American worldview and meeting in the circle.
-Manitonquat, 82 years old: Storyteller, author, lecturer, elder of the Wampanoag nation (USA).
-Ellika Lindén: Director, playwright and women’s circle leader.
-Anne Solveig Elmberg (meditation, vision)
-Peter Elmberg (singing and circledance)
-Kalle Grill (philosophical dialogue)
-Matawan (Sweatlodge)
-Mona Malmros (yoga) and others

Youth and Childrens camp
-Youthcamp 10-16 yrs - Nature activities Monday-Thursday 10 am-1 pm plus
-Childrencamp 4-9 yrs - Creativeplay for younger children Monday-Friday 10 am-1 pm

Daily Program
7.30 am-8 am  Morning activity: Sleep in, yoga, meditation or quiet singing.
8 am-9 am        Clan meeting: Sharing, 5-6 people created for the duration of the camp.
9.45-10 am       Morning gathering with dance
10 am-1 pm     Great Circle and workshop: Manitonquat and Ellika.
3 pm-4 pm        Physical workshop: Mundekulla dancing, guided naturewalks.
4.30 pm-6 pm  Workshop: Co-counselling, storytelling, vision work, philosophical dialogue.
8 pm-10 pm      Evening activity: Clan performance, story-telling, sweat lodge, open stage.

Monday July 11, Arrival from 4 pm, dinner 6 pm, welcoming night with division into groups 8 pm.
Saturday July 18: Camp ends at noon

Six meals and camping in tent with shower/wc included. Rooms for rent, see below.
-Prices by ability for adults: SEK 3200. (SEK 300 discount before the 17 th of june)
-Youth 15-22 yrs: SEK 1900.  (SEK 200 discount before the 17 th of june)
-Children 4-14 yrs: SEK 1200. (SEK 100 discount before the 17 th of june)

Pay 600 SEK/person as a registration fee at our internationalbankaccount below:
IBAN  SE 7980000 800694930175577  BIC/SWIFT = SWEDSESS, Sparbanken Eken, Långasjö
The registration fee must be payed before arriving in Mundekulla.
For more information and roombooking contact us on 0046 (0)471-50450

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