Mundekulla is a place for stillness, creativity and encounters, with beautiful surroundings by Lngasj, Smland. The whole facility is constructed and run environmentally friendly.
" Thank you so much for taking so good care of me, I will definitely be back!"
Andre De Lang, South Africa
11th International Summercamp

Circle Way Camp, July 8-12, 2013
Medicine Story, Ellika, Sara, Maria, Peter, Kalle, Stephen (Uk)

Get inspired by Native American worldview and way of life!
For the 11 th year we offer an adventure and a growing experience for all ages at beautiful Mundekulla. Learntools for active listening to others, getting closer to your feelings and becoming more conscious of your goals and dreams. During the five days of camp we create a tribe in the spirit of the circle, living in greater harmony with nature and each other. There will be traditional story-telling and optional workshops in yoga, dancing, meditation, vision finding, singing and philosophical dialogue.
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Manitonquat (Medicine Story) and Ellika have led workshops and camps all over the
world for many years, inspired by Native American worldview and meeting in the circle.
-Manitonquat, 83 years old: Storyteller, author, lecturer, elder of the Wampanoag nation (USA).
-Ellika Lindn: Director, playwright and womens circle leader.
-Sara och Maria (Workshops)
-Peter Elmberg (singing and circledance)
-Kalle Grill (philosophical dialogue)
-Pella Thiel & Stephen Hinton -(Inner transition inspired by the Transition movement)
-Gittan Wallin-Wester (children activities)
-Camilla Grill (chef)

Daily Program
7 am  Morning activity: Sleep in, yoga, meditation or quiet singing.
8-9 am Clan meeting: Sharing, 5-6 people created for the duration of the camp.
9-10 am Breakfast on your own
10 am-1 pm Great Circle and workshop: Manitonquat and Ellika.
1 pm Lunch in Mundekullas restaurant
2.30-4 pm Open workshop: Mundekulla dancing, guided naturewalks.
4-8 pm Freetime and evening meal
8 pm-10 pm Evening activity: Clan performance, story-telling, sweat lodge, open stage.

Time and Price

Arrival dates
Alt 1:
Monday July 8, Arrival from 10 am, (Lunch at 1 pm), Welcoming with division into groups.
Alt 2: Wednesday July 10, Arrival from 10 am, (Lunch at 1 pm), Welcoming new people at 2 pm.
Departing date
Friday July 12: Camp ends at 2 pm (after lunch)

All lunches and and camping in tent with shower/wc included. Rooms for rent, see prices below.
Alt 1 (5 days, monday-friday)
-Prices for adults: SEK 2900
-Youth 15-22 yrs: SEK 1600.
-Children 4-14 yrs: SEK 700.
Alt 2 (3 days, wednesday-friday)
-Prices for adults: SEK 1900
-Youth 15-22 yrs: SEK 1000.
-Children 4-14 yrs: SEK 500.

All lunches are included in the price.
Shop, cafe, vgetables is being sold in Mundekula and the nearby village
Kitchen is availble for cooking breakfast and evening meal. All rooms has their own kitchenette and campers can use our camping kitchen. The camp is drugfree

-Tentplace - for free
-Caravan incl electricity - 100 SEK/night
-Sleeping loft incl matress - 100 SEK/night
-Bed in a fourbedroom with private shower and WC - 250 SEK /night
-Bed in a double bedroom with shared shower and WC - 200 SEK /night
-Bed in a fourbedroom with private shower and WC - 350 SEK /night
-Singleroom with private shower and WC - 500:-/night
Extra matress in rooms (under 25 years old) - 100 sek/night

Booking and  information 

Send an email to or call Sara 072-521 83 90/ Maria 0760-446771. (+0046)
Pay the the whole amount to the "Livstid" bank account 8169-5,923 428 237-5 (Swedbank) or to Mundekullas int bank account IBAN= SE69 8000 0800 6900 3136 2932, BIC=SWEDSESS
Sparbanken Eken, Lngasj

AnmlningsavgiftenThe booking cost is 600 sek /person which is included in the course price above
If you cancel two weeks prior to the event the whole participants cost apart from the booking fee is payed back. If you cancel less than two weeks before the event the fee is payed back if you get sick or if the camp for some reason would be cancelled which never happend so far...

The Camp is arranged by Mundekulla, Livstid and the Transition Movement