Mundekulla is a place for stillness, creativity and encounters, with beautiful surroundings by Långasjö, Småland. The whole facility is constructed and run environmentally friendly.
" Thank you so much for taking so good care of me, I will definitely be back!"
Andre De Lang, South Africa

Blue Planets´ Raw Food Festival, June 10–16 or june 13-16, 2013
Victoria Boutenco, Rohan Supertramp, Kevin James, Janne Larsen, Peter Elmberg m.fl.

Welcome to an amazing Raw Food event
This year the festival is organized as part of a Raw Food Chef / Living Food Instructor education. The education is offered by Nordic Raw Living Chef Academy and starts in March/April 2013 and it involves a total of 15 teaching days including Raw Chef I, Raw Chef II (held in Oslo, Stockholm and Rome) and  Raw Chef III, June 10-13 + Blue Planet's Raw Food Festival, June13-16 (held in Mundekulla). More Info:

Gourmet Raw Food
The Mundekulla event offers an extraordinary experience of creativity, raw food pioneer network, international guest teachers and speakers, gourmet raw food workshops, wheatgreass, microgreens and sprouts, music, concerts, circle dancing, nature, amazing raw buffets and menus, living food pioneers and much more. The gourmet raw food buffets that are served throughout the week at Mundekulla retreatcenter are created with themes from all corners of the world. The buffets are created by our Raw Food Chefs as part of the certification.

Outstanding opportunity
This is an outstanding opportunity to let yourself be inspired by maximum raw food creativity and exciting guest lecturers / speakers ! Come and meet participants from Scandinavia, Europe and the U.S., create network and present your own raw food dreams, careeer plans and thoughts.

- Victoria Boutenko, (USA) - Author and awardwinning
- Boris Lauser, (DE) - Internationally acclaimed Raw Food Chef
- Rohan Supertramp, (SA) Psychologist & Detoxification Specialist
- Kevin James, (Australia) -  Chanting and Concert<
- Caroline Fibæk (Dk) a popular lecturer and bestselling author
- Moussa Fofana, (Senegal) - African drumming and dance,
- Peter Elmberg, Mundekulla Peace Dances, Holistic business, concert
- Elena Mironov, (Dk) yoga and meditation
- Nina H. Saapunki, 80-10-10 fruitarian diet,
- Krister Lindström - Professional photography,
- Janne Larsen - Director of health and education, Nordic Raw Living Chef Academy, Sweden.  
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Payment is done to Nordic Raw Living Chef Academy.
♥ July 10-16 (Whole week) 5900 SEK (+ Accomodation).
♥ July 13-16 (Half week) 2400 SEK (+ Accomodation).

Accommodation is booked when signing up for the course and is paid to Mundekulla upon arrival.
♥ Single room with shower and toilet - (3300 SEK - 6 days, 1650 SEK, 3 days)
♥ in double room with shower and toilet - (2400 SEK - 6 days, 1200 SEK)
♥ Part of quads with shower and toilet - (1800 SEK 6 days, 900 SEK, 3 days)
♥ in double room with shared shower and toilet - (1650 SEK - 6 days, 825 SEK 3 days)
♥ Alcove with mattress, duvet and pillow, with curtain -  (1200 SEK - 6 days, 300 SEK 3 days)
♥ Tents, caravans / person - 150 SEK (900 SEK - 6 days, 450 SEK 3 days)
♥ Extra mattress in room, 4-14 years/over 15 years- (600/900 SEK- 6 days, 300/450 SEK 3 days)

Sign up by contacting Nordic Raw Living Chef Academy at
Phone: 0046 73 929 3115

More information
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Janne Larsen (Danish woman): Executive director of Nordic Raw Living Chef Academy, which has trained Raw Food Chefs and Living Food Instructors in Scandinavia since 2010 in collaboration with Creative Health Institute in MI, USA and naturopathic doctor R. Morgan in Florida.
Peter Elmberg: Executive director, founder and owner of Mundekulla Retreatcenter where several raw food events are being offered on a regular basis

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