Mundekulla is a place for stillness, creativity and encounters, with beautiful surroundings by Lngasj, Smland. The whole facility is constructed and run environmentally friendly.
" Thank you for taking so good care of me, I'll definitely be back!"
Andre De Lang, South Africa

Thanks for a wonderful Open Future Festival 2011!
The Festival will not be held during 2012 as we put our efforts in to The songwalk from Trondheim to Copenhagen (The Path 2012) this year. Read more at
Welcome to read more about the Festivals on Sustainability in Mundekulla throughout the years below....


Open Future Festival, July 30-31 2011
"3rd International Conference on Sustainability"

What can we build on to develop a thriving community?
Come to share stories, visions, and projects of what we care about. Be ready to be inspired to act! We will create a powerful space for conversations around what inspires us and what we want to accomplish in our communities. There will be room to share sto ries, projects, questions; to make meaningful connections with other participants; to find support for existing projects; to create new ones; and to create a tight network of people who want to contribute to the future of our community. We hope to see you here!

Open Space
We will be using the Open Space method which is a good way to to make people interact and get engaged and inspired. Whoever wants to shares a dream/project or a vision and then smaller groups are being formed where deeper dicsussions can take place in the various topics. 
The weekend will be based on Creating, Sharing, Connecting and Listening!

Target group
The weekend is open for everyone, including those who feel that they don't know much about the sustainability issue or who yet don't find it interesting or important as well as those who are very involved in the sustainability field. Feel free to bring your family, adults and youth to discuss the most important issue of our time.. Our common future!
Questions that we will raised during the weekend are:
What works in your community? What inspires you? What do you appreciate 
What is the most needed in your community? What is desirable?
What do you want to accomplish as a community?
What do you take away from this weekend? What is stuck with you?
How to continue the cooperation/working together?

The Open Future Festival is run by Mundekulla and different people in the sustainability field in South Eastern Sweden, including students from the Sustainable Strategic Programme at Blekinge University

Mundekulla Retreatcenter
Mundekullas well-developed Eco profile shines through in everything that's being offered at the Retreatcenter. From the actual construction to the food we serve.  For our accomplishments in these areas we have recieved several prices and awards. The main building is a carefully restored from the 1820s. The property includes 60 hectares (150 acres) of meadows in a varied and beautiful cultured landscape, with open fields, natural ponds and foot paths surrounded by old cultural forests. The facilities include four beautiful meeting halls, the largest one 200 square meters, a unique wood-heated sauna, an eco-shop, a spa, and 20 rooms with more than 30 beds, and 20 matressess in the sleepinghall pread over four different buildings.

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Saturday july 30th, 10 am- Sunday July 31st , 5 pm
(Welcome to arrive on friday, according to prices below)

SEK 1100 (Adult)
SEK 600 (Student or youth under 22 years old)
Prices includes course and all meals

Vegetarian food is being served without an extra cost
+ Tentplace/Caravan (Bring your own tent, can also be rented): SEK 100/night
+ Sleepingloft (incl matress, pillow and blanket) SEK 175/night
+ A bed in a doubleroom with shared bathroom and toilet: SEK 275/night
+ A bed in a doulberoom with private bathroom and toilet: SEK 375/night
+ Familyroom (4 beds) with private bathroom and toilet: SEK 1100/night
+ Singleroom with private bathroom and toilet: SEK 550/night

-Info and Registration-

Register through the online booking below or by mailing us on
Payment is to be done to our international bank account number after booking online below
IBAN SE 7980000 800694930175577 BIC/SWIFT=SWEDSESS
Sparbanken Eken, Lngasj

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