Mundekulla is a place for stillness, creativity and encounters, with beautiful surroundings by Lngasj, Smland. The whole facility is constructed and run environmentally friendly.
" Thank you so much for taking so good care of me, I will definitely be back!"
Andre De Lang, South Africa


Green Smoothies Retreat, June 2- June 8, 2013
Victoria Boutenko and the Raw Family!

We are happy to invite you to the weeklong Green Smoothie Retreat in Mundekulla
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Green Smoothies

During our retreat we will prepare and serve you four times a day freshly made, delicious green smoothies prepared from the best organic ingredients. All of our smoothies are accompanied with detailed recipes. In the course of a week we will share with you all our secrets and tips on how to make the most nutritious and delicious green smoothies.

Fun excersices
Considering the importance of lymphatic system for our health, we have added several fun exercise programs totaling at least five hours per day. In addition to yoga in the morning we will teach you during the day Nishi practice, visceral massage, breathing techniques, salsa dancing in the evening, and other activities.

Victoria's daily lectures will cover many different topics
Understanding Detox
The Self-Healing Ability of the Body
Lymph Your River of Life
History of Eating
Strengthening Immunity
Taking Care of Skin, Hair, Teeth and Eyes
The Nutritional Value of Greens
Women's Health
Organic vs. Conventional
Raw Food on a Budget
Colon Health
Q & A
And many others

Valya teaches a morning fitness program and stretch exercises.
She also lectures on:
Food Demo: Green Smoothies for Any Occasion
Healthy Weight Management
Restoring Vision Naturally
How to Pick Produce Properly
Helping Children Become Healthy
Healthy Diet for Your Pet
Espalier in Your Garden
Q & A

Sergei leads a variety of workshops:
Wild Edible Walk
The Nutritional Superiority of Greens
Travelling with Raw Foods
Short distance hikes
Q & A

In addition..
We will have two special guests that will help us with our fitness program. We have made arrangements with local organic markets and stores to purchase large quantities of 100% organic produce for our week. These products will be delivered on a daily basis. All the better for our health and enjoyment. We will be screening the latest and only the best documentaries in the evenings. Mundekulla is located in a beautiful natural surrounding with swimming ponds, sauna and nice hiking tracks, with good communications. Only 3 hours from Copenhagen airport with direct train!

$1,395.00 per person. This price includes all workshops, meals, and educational materials. The price does not include accommodations. In order to hold a space for you we require a $200 non-refundable deposit at the time of reservation. The balance is due upon arrival.

Accommodations is being booked through or  Payment for accomodation will be done upon arrival in Mundekulla on June 2nd. (it's possible to arrive one day before) All rooms are designed beautifully and are eco-friendly  with qualitybeds. Some rooms have a private shower and bathroom, some share communal showers and bathrooms. All rooms are insulated with ecological material such as wool, sawdust, linen, hemp, recycled newspapers etc. You may choose from several various options from double-occupancy rooms to sleeping on mattress on the floor, prices ranging between $40 to $75 dollars US per night.

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Important note
Please pay for the retreat in a separate transaction. If you need to buy books or other items, you must purchase them separately. The Internet Discount Program does not apply to the retreat. Once you register and make the deposit, you will receive an informational e-mail with more details on the retreat.

More information
If you have any questions please mail us on: or

We hope to see you in Sweden in June, 2013 at Mundekulla resort!

The Raw Family and the Mundekullateam